1.                   NAME

1.1               The league shall be known as “Macclesfield Pool League” (M.P.L) and is an independent unaffiliated body governed by its duly elected Committee.

2.                   AIMS OF THE LEAGUE

2.1               The aim of the league is to promote and support the game of pool in Macclesfield and surrounding area.  Teams outside this area may be admitted at the discretion of the Committee.

2.2               To facilitate, via an elected Committee, the fair management and administration of MPL, and all of its incorporated competitions and events.

3.                   MANGEMENT OF THE LEAGUE

3.1               The league will be administered by a Committee consisting of all the officers of the league and as many Committee members as deemed necessary.

3.2               The members of the Committee shall carry out the following offices:

a)      Chairperson

b)      Vice Chairperson

c)       General Secretary

d)      Treasurer

e)      Fixtures Secretary

f)       Competition Secretary

g)      Trophies Secretary

h)      Referees/Rules Secretary

i)        Fines Secretary

3.3               Committee members are obliged to safeguard the interests of MPL.

3.4               All members of the league are eligible to join the Committee when a vacancy arises. Acceptance will be at the discretion of the Committee based on suitability.

3.5               All officers and Committee members will be re-elected annually, either individually or en block, at the Annual General Meeting. Should a vacancy arise during the year (period between the previous AGM and the next AGM), The Committee has the power to co-opt another member onto the Committee. Any such co-opted member(s) will have the same voting rights as those members elected at the AGM. Only bona fide members or honorary life members of the league may serve on the Committee.

3.6               Each elected Committee member is entitled to seek re-election for an indefinite number of terms.

3.7               The Committee may remove any Committee member who misses three consecutive meetings without good reason or who is deemed unsuitable to serve on the Committee by majority vote. Any league assets held by the member must be returned. Failure to comply will result in the member being barred from the league.

3.8               A quorum for conducting the business of a Committee meeting shall be no less than 51% of the committee. Once the quorum is lost the meeting will close.

3.9               No Committee member shall have the authority to make a sole decision on behalf of the committee. In extreme circumstances and an emergency Committee meeting should be convened. If this is not possible an officer of the league may make a decision associated with the issue concerned only after consultation with at least two other members.

3.10            The Committee has the authority by a majority vote to make any decision not covered by these rules. The Committee may also, in exceptional circumstances by a unanimous vote, overrule the constitution.


4.1               MPL is open to all teams within Macclesfield and surrounding area, subject to the approval of the committee. The following conditions must be met:

a)      There is a vacancy within the league;

b)      The registered team venue is within licensed premises;

c)       The team or players do not owe fines from previous seasons;

d)      The team or player has completed the necessary registration/entry form;

e)      The team or player has paid the necessary registration/entry fee at the time of entry;

f)       Team venues must have suitable facilities for playing pool.

4.2               Upon registering for a team and any due fees paid a person will automatically become a member of MPL for the duration of that particular season and will be eligible to play for that team and any associated competitions for that season. Timescales for registration are identified in the General Rules.

4.3               Once registered for a team, the person will be considered a registered player for that team upon their name appearing on the team match card, and therefore from that point onwards will be responsible for their proportion of any fines incurred against the team. A person who is registered for a team, but whose name does not appear on the team match card will not be classed as a registered player for that team and will be exempt from any fines incurred for that team.

4.4               Once a person becomes a registered player for a team as specified in 4.3, any other registrations (where a person is registered for more than one team) will become null and void. No monies will be refunded.

4.5               Any team playing an unregistered player will be fined at the current rate, with any points gained by that player (excluding points gained for 8-ball clearances) awarded to their opponents.

4.6               The Committee will aim to place new teams in a league reflecting their ability.

4.7               Persons who are given ‘honorary life member’ status (permanent membership of MPL) still need to register for a team to be eligible to play for that team.

4.8               On becoming a member of MPL both players & teams are wholly committing to:

a)      Adhere to The Constitution;

b)      Adhere to The General Rules;

c)       Adhere to the Playing Rules;

d)      Fulfil all league fixtures & competitions;

e)      Attend all meetings & functions as required;

4.9               Players must be at least 14 years of age at the point of registration to be eligible to play in the league (if accompanied by an adult and with the full consent of the licensee).

4.10            Any member wishing to deregister from the league should send their notification of resignation to the League Secretary in writing by either letter or e-mail.

5.                   FINANCE

5.1               The Committee is responsible for administering the finances of the league and is responsible for the expenditures being in relation to the income.

5.2               The Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the league and make payments on its behalf. The Treasurer shall keep a full and proper account of such monies and shall present a duly audited statement of accounts annually or at such times as may be required by the Committee.

5.3               League fees, prizes and fines shall be levied at a rate decided by the committee at a level to cover estimated expenditure for the next year.

5.4               A bank account will be maintained in the name of the league at whichever bank the Committee may decide.

5.5               The treasurer and one other of the two signatories shall sign the cheques drawn on the account.

5.6               The treasurer and one other of the two signatories shall sign the accounts of the league.

5.7               The financial year shall end on the last day of February each year.

5.8               No member of the Committee or league, other than the treasurer, may pledge the credit of the league.

5.9               To help balance the league funds, the league will hold ‘Captains Meetings’ monthly prize draws as stated on the fixtures list/planner/web site. Only teams that have paid their dues prior to the start of ‘Captains Meetings’ will be eligible for prizes. If a team member is not present to claim their prize, that prize will be re-drawn. This includes teams who leave early after paying their fee, teams who turn up late or turn up after the meeting has finished.

5.10            MPL will endeavour to reimburse all reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by any member/committee member while conducting any authorised business on behalf of the league.

6.                   PROMOTION, RELEGATION & PLAY OFFS

6.1               The top two teams in each league will be promoted, and the bottom two teams in each league will be relegated where there is another league for them to move in. In the event of any team dropping out of the league, their place will be taken by the next team in the order of merit.

6.2               Promotion and relegation are subject to any league re-organisation that may occur.

6.3               League placing will be determined by awarded points.

6.4               Where teams are tied on points for determining winner or runner up positions at the end of the season, the league placing will be decided by the number of games won during the season.  If teams remain tied, frames won during the season will be the deciding factor.  If teams remain tied, head to head results will be taken into account.  If teams remain tied, the league placing will be decided by a play off.

6.5               Play-offs will be played at a neutral venue on a date decided by the Committee.

6.6               In the event of a tie in the merits, the winner will be decided on a percentage of games played.  If there is still a tie, a play-off will be held to determine a winner.

7.                   DISSOLUTION OF THE LEAGUE

7.1               A resolution for the dissolution of the league may only be passed at an AGM or EGM called for this purpose.

7.2               A motion for dissolution of the league shall require the support of a two-thirds majority of the total voting membership of the league. Voters not in attendance and voters in abstention shall be counted as being against dissolution.

7.3               Upon dissolution of the league all outstanding debts owed by the league shall be paid from any funds belonging to the league and all debts to the league shall be called in.

7.4               The balance of any monies shall be split equally amongst all teams registered with MPL at the time of dissolution.

8.                   PLAYING RULES

8.1               The Playing Rules are the rules governing the conduct of play for the duration of each game.

8.2               The Playing Rules (except International Rules, see 8.4) may be added to, deleted, or amended by a majority vote at an AGM or EGM. Please note: Minor amendments for clarification purposes may be carried out by the Committee at any time without being voted on at an AGM.

8.3               Each season’s playing rules will be determined at the AGM. The current rules in force are essentially Old EPA rules (known as MPL rules) with a few amendments as voted in by the membership, and International 8-Ball Pool Rules (known as International Rules) as adopted by the Ultimate Pool Group.

8.4               International 8-Ball Pool Rules are governed by the Ultimate Pool Group and may not be changed by the League. However, any changes or amendments to International Rules by the governing body will automatically be adopted by the League.

9.                   GENERAL RULES

9.1               The General Rules are a set of rules for the basic administration of match nights, but do not constitute Playing Rules, and may be added to, deleted, or amended at the sole discretion of the committee.

10.               DISCIPLINE / GRIEVANCE

10.1            The committee reserves the right to issue warnings, fine, suspend or expel from the league any player or team for any breach of these rules, Code of Conduct or any act that the Committee deem to have brought the game into disrepute, be unsporting or have any adverse effect on its members. Any player or team will have the right to defend their self/selves in person.  Any person involved in an affray of any kind at any M.P.L. function will be dealt with at the discretion of the Committee.

10.2            Grievances must be submitted to the League Secretary in writing by either letter or e-mail within 14 days of the event, and be accompanied by the current fee (see rule 10.11 of the General Rules), which may be forfeited should the Committee not uphold the grievance. Please note: Grievances pertaining to match nights, where the match result has not been accepted or the match abandoned, should be submitted by 3.00pm on the Saturday following the match and be accompanied by the current fee.

10.3            Where the Committee receives a grievance, which cannot be resolved through simple mediation, or is of a particularly serious nature, the committee will endeavour to establish the facts by inviting all parties to a hearing. The Committee will then reach a verdict by majority vote.

10.4            Disciplinary/Grievance Proceedings.

      1. Disciplinary/Grievance proceedings shall be resolved by the holding of a disciplinary/grievance hearing.
      2. Such a hearing must be called and notified in writing or email to the participants at least 7 days prior to the date of the hearing.
      3. The Disciplinary/Grievance hearing shall be conducted by a Disciplinary Hearing Committee (The Committee).
      4. Members of the Disciplinary/Grievance Hearing Committee shall number no less than 51% of the Committee, consisting of a Chairperson and other members of the Committee.
      5. None of the Disciplinary Hearing Committee can have any interest or prior involvement in the incidents claimed or with any of the members involved.
      6. The outcome of the hearing will be by vote within the Disciplinary Hearing Committee. One person one vote, excluding the Chairperson, who will have the casting vote in the case of a tie. The Committee shall base its decision on the current Constitution and the “balance of probabilities”.
      7. The result of the hearing and the discipline imposed (if any) shall be notified to the defendant within 28 days of the hearing.

10.5            For situations not covered under the Constitution the Committee will make any decision that, in their opinion is necessary or beneficial to MPL by way of majority vote.

10.6            In exceptional circumstances an appeal based on new evidence may be submitted to the League Secretary in writing or by email within 7 days of the decision. The Committee will then decide if it is necessary to rehear the case. If it is decided to rehear the case, then only the Committee members who were involved in the original grievance will be allowed to hear the appeal.

11.               MEETINGS

11.1            General Meeting

a)      General Meetings will be convened as necessary at the discretion of the Committee to deal with any issues that do not warrant an EGM or where all available Captains Meetings have been exhausted.

11.2            Captains Meetings

a)                  To help balance the league funds, the league will hold ‘Captains Meetings’ monthly prize draws. Captains Meeting will also be used to outline expectations of team captains, issuing and receiving competition forms, gauging opinion and to relay relevant information.

b)                  Captain Meetings will be held on Sundays during both the Summer and Winter seasons, details of which can be found via the leagues website, planner and fixture list.

c)                   Teams failing to send a representative (a registered player for that team) to any Captains Meeting will be fined at the current rate.

11.3            Annual General Meetings

a)                  The Annual General Meeting is the highest institution of Macclesfield Pool League, and shall take place each year prior to the start of the summer season, on a date and place fixed by the Committee. 

b)                  The aim of the AGM is for the elected Committee to have the opportunity to explain how they have managed the league over the last 12 months. It also gives all members of the league an opportunity to ask questions before voting on the items of the agenda. Voting shall be confined to members of the league and every such member shall be entitled to be present and to cast one vote upon every motion put to the vote.

c)                   A quorum for an AGM or EGM will be 50% of the teams in the league. A single representative from each registered team will constitute a team.

d)                  Members of the league will be given at least 28 days notice of the AGM via the leagues website and by whatever media facilities are available at the time.

e)                  The AGM agenda will be as follows:

a)      Apologies;

b)      Minutes of the previous AGM;

c)       Chairpersons report;

d)      Treasurers report;

e)      Committee re-elections;

f)       Management changes;

g)      Proposals – Playing Rules/Constitution changes;

h)      AOB.

11.4            Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

a) An EGM may be called at any time where an issue arises which requires the input of the entire membership of the league and is too serious or urgent to wait until the next AGM.

b) The League Secretary must receive requests for an EGM in writing or by email, including the reasons for the meeting.

c)  The MPL member requesting an EGM must show the support of at least 25% of named Captains (authentic signatures) of the total teams in the league(s).

d) Only such business as is detailed in the request for an EGM shall be discussed at the EGM.

e) The Committee by a two-thirds majority vote may call an EGM at any time.

f) The Committee will set the EGM date for the earliest available and convenient date.

g) Whereupon an EGM is called, all teams in the league are requested to send a representative to such a meeting.

h)  The Committee will endeavour to give the membership 28 days notice of an EGM and the purpose of the meeting via the leagues website and by whatever media facilities are available at the time.  However, in exceptional circumstances this notice period may be less due to the urgency of the issue.

i) An EGM has the full power of the AGM with regard to voting issues.

12.               BALLOTS / VOTING

12.1            Ballots will be conducted by a show of hands. Voting slips may be used on major votes at the discretion of the Committee.

12.2            Proposals will be carried by the higher number of votes cast, except constitutional changes which will be required to be carried by a two-thirds majority of members present.

12.3            There will be no facility for proxy or postal voting.

12.4            All members of the league will be allowed one vote on any proposed motion at an AGM & EGM. However, if the proposed motion is for a rule change, the vote is restricted to proposals affecting the rule set their registered team has played in since the previous AGM or EGM.

12.5            Each Committee member present will be allowed one vote on any proposed motion at AGM’s & EGM’s.

12.6            A single representative for each registered team present will be allowed one vote at Captain Meetings & General Meetings.

12.7            Committee Members will not have a vote at any Captains Meeting or General Meeting, except if the member is the representative of the team.

12.8            The Chairperson has the casting vote in the event of any tied vote.


13.1            At every AGM, the business will include consideration of any motions to revise the Constitution and all other motions which affect the General Rules and Playing Rules.

13.2            Any member of the league is entitled to propose a motion at the AGM.

13.3            A motion must be seconded by at least one other member of the league.

13.4            Motions will be published on the leagues website at least 21 days before the date of the AGM.

13.5            Both the proposer and at least one of the seconders must be in attendance at the AGM prior to the motion being voted on. Where this criterion is not met the motion will be automatically withdrawn and not voted upon.

13.6            The proposer and the seconder, or both has the right to address the AGM regarding there motion prior to its debate.

13.7            No new motions or new amendments/counter proposals will be accepted at an AGM.

13.8            The League Secretary must receive motions to change the Constitution, Playing Rules or General Rules for the forthcoming season in writing by either letter or e-mail at least 28 days before the AGM.

13.9            The League Secretary must receive amendments/counter proposals to change the Constitution, Playing Rules or General Rules for the forthcoming season in writing by either letter or e-mail at least 14 days before the AGM.

14.               HONORARIUM

14.1            All Members of MPL Committee will be granted honorarium as a gesture in recognition of their services to the league without expectation or obligation.

14.2            The Committee will decide the payment for each member based on the size of the task, workload and the level of responsibility they carry.


15.1            Honorary life membership of the league shall be awarded to members who have given outstanding services to the league as nominated and ratified by the Committee of the day. In order to qualify for nomination, members must have served a minimum term of 7 years (broken or continuous) on the Committee.

15.2            Honorary life membership of the league entitles the recipient to free registration and free admission to events organised by the league. Serving Committee members are afforded the same privileges as honorary life members.


16.1            Teams who do not finish the season for whatever reasons forfeit all money paid.

16.2            Teams wishing to withdraw from the league should give as much notice as possible by submitting their reasons in writing by either letter or e-mail to the League Secretary.

16.3            If a team withdraws or is expelled from the league all their results will become void and all points deducted and league tables/merits adjusted accordingly. Remaining fixtures for that team are treated as byes.

16.4            A retainer fee may have to be paid by teams that have withdrawn or expelled from the league the previous season.

17.               CHANGE OF VENUE

17.1            Any team wishing to move to a new venue during a season must seek the agreement of the Committee and may be charged an administration fee.

17.2            If a team’s home venue ceases to trade, for whatever reason, during the course of a season that team will be allowed to complete the season from a new venue acceptable to, and agreed by the Committee. The League Secretary must be informed of such closures A.S.A.P.

18.               BEHAVIOUR

18.1            Everyone who participates in Macclesfield Pool League and associated events is entitled to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment. Any inappropriate behaviour which is deemed violent, threatening, drunken, intimidating or abusive will not be tolerated under any circumstances and could result in a ban for the person/persons involved.

19.               CODE OF CONDUCT

19.1            Code of Conduct for the Macclesfield Pool League and any associated events organised by the MPL. Players who register with the MPL are subject to its Code of Conduct and should be mindful that an infringement of this Code of Conduct could result in a lifetime ban from MPL, subject to a majority vote by MPL Management Committee.

a)      No player shall subject another player to verbal abuse, before the commencement of a game, during a game, or after a game on that same evening or day.

b)      No player shall use foul language before, during or after a game on the same evening or day of that game.

c)       Any player who verbally abuses another player outside a normal league event in relation to an incident which took place at a league event (this to include a league, individual, pairs matches, triples match or team competition) can be reported to the Committee who can request that player to explain matters relating to the abuse, to a disciplinary Committee and may be subject to a ban.

d)      Any player who threatens physical violence to another player, be it an opposing player or a player from his own team will be deemed to be in breach of the Code of Conduct and will be summoned to a disciplinary hearing before MPL Committee and could be banned (sine die) for life.

e)      Any player who threatens physical violence to a spectator, licensee, pool league official or any one in the employ of the licensee will be deemed in breach of the Code of Conduct and will be summoned to a disciplinary hearing before MPL Committee and could be banned (sine die) for life

f) Any player who strikes another player in a malicious manner with any part of his/her body or with any instrument or missile will be deemed in breach of the Code of Conduct and will be summoned to a disciplinary hearing before MPL Committee and could be banned (sine die) for life.

g) Any player who strikes a spectator, licensee, pool league official, or anyone in the employment of the licensee, with any part of his/her body or with any instrument or missile will be deemed in breach of the Code of Conduct and will be summoned to a   disciplinary hearing before the Macclesfield Pool League Committee and could be banned (sine die) for life.

20.               TROPHIES

20.1            Trophies provided for the winners of league and competitions will be solely at the Committees discretion and will be deemed acceptable and appropriate in accordance with available funds. The Committee may from time to time seek the opinion of the membership regarding the type of trophies awarded.

20.2            All annual trophies presented by the MPL will remain the property of the league and can be redeemed at any time by the committee.  Such trophies are the responsibility of the winning team/player. Failure to return them upon request will result in them being fined.

20.3            All winning teams/players are expected to attend the annual presentation whereupon they will be presented with their trophies. Teams/players unable to attend must notify the Committee at least 7 days prior to the presentation evening of their intentions not to attend. Failure to do so will result in fines being imposed at the discretion of the Committee to cover the cost of handling and storage. Teams not paying these charges will lose their eligibility to any trophy(s) won, and also run the risk of not being eligible to play in the league the following season.

20.4            Winning teams/players will be liable to pay the cost to replace or repair any loss or damage occasioned to annual trophies whilst in their possession.

20.5            MPL reserve the right to sell or reuse any trophies not collected within three months of the presentation evening.

21.               DISCLAIMER

21.1            Macclesfield Pool League Committee are in no way responsible for the conduct of players and/or teams during the course of the season. The pertinent Licence and Captains are required to maintain order and are to undertake measures to make sure the league games are played in a safe and orderly manner.













Whole re-write and split Constitution & General Rules into two documents.




To Formally incorporate World Rules into and alongside the current MPL rules.




Where teams are tied on points for determining winner or runner up positions at the end of the season, the league placing will be decided by the number of games won. If teams remain tied, frames won, if teams remain tied, head to head results, if teams remain tied, then league placing will be decided by a play off.



PLAYING RULES 8.2, 8.3, 8.4

All references to World Rules and World Eight Ball Pool Federation updated to International Rules and the Ultimate Pool Group respectively.




Votes on rule changes are restricted to members registered for teams playing the affected rule set since the previous AGM or EGM.